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Industry alarms

Alarms for industries: maximum security systems that are impossible to evade

Complex security systems are made easy with our technology

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

The best security systems for total protection of your facilities

The best brands in the security world

For total control of industrial facilities

Tucsegur specialises in high security facilities, making us the perfect choice for tailored security systems designed for higher-risk premises

This means our systems are perfect for installation in jewellery shops, service stations, military arsenal facilities, large factories, shopping centres or barracks.

In this type of facility, we install specific grade III systems made by brands including Risco, Honeywell or Paradox and ensure that they always feature CCTV and video analysis systems.

Hikvision CCTV monitoring

The most cutting-edge technology


State-of-the-art CCTV equipment

Our video surveillance technology allows you to control a wide range of areas, sections, or departments across your business. You will be able to control different camera features including pan, focus, tilt and zoom that allow you greater control of surveillance.

Use of video analysis and facial recognition smart cameras

Using facial analysis software that makes it easier to identify intruders. Any manipulation of these devices will trigger the alarm centre.

A system that provides a real deterrent to intruders and those who intent to do harm

A CCTV system will offer you an excellent deterrent, absolute control of your facilities, both inside and outside, and significant savings in terms of security personnel

Infrared ray perimeter barriers

Our perimeter barriers are designed to detect the incursion of people and alert the alarm centre of potential danger when an intruder crosses the perimeter defined by your company as part of the alarm system.

Perimeter security for industrial facilities

Our security systems feature an infrared detector, motion detectors, animal immunity systems and an anti-masking system to prevent manipulation.