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The best-selling alarm system in Europe

AJAX systems, the best technology on the market at an unbeatable price when compared with other options, which feature much lower quality

Get the system now and save 200€


Our systems are wireless and do not involve complex installation for use at home. They are quick to install, wireless and designed to fit with the aesthetics of your home. 

Systems are monitored and controlled through an alarm centre and clients can monitor them constantly using the mobile app, including home automation features.

For this type of alarm, we recommend the ajax system. It is the most secure, reliable and versatile residential alarm system on the market.

A new generation of security systems

Monitor your home in Full HD

The Ajax systems CCTV security cameras mean you can monitor exactly what is happening in your home by simply opening the app. When an alert is triggered and you want to verify the security of your home, just go straight into the mobile app.

Choose the colour of your alarm: white or black

The Ajax alarm system brings together a minimalist design featuring extremely discreet fittings.

Contact Tucsegur to discover all the configurations available to you. You’ll be surprised by the excellent price and be sure to choose this system as the best option to fully protect your home or small business

Connect cameras and sound recorders to Ajax in a few easy clicks

With a built-in security system, you can check in at any time to make sure the oven is off, find out where your cat is, if the kids are home or what triggered the motion detector alarm.

Ajax allows you to create this type of system through the use of cameras, detectors and home automation devices.
It can be controlled from anywhere in the world using the free app.

We help you configure your Ajax Alarm

Ajax was created with practicality in mind. Installation requires a smartphone, basic DIY tools, and can be done quickly. This makes the system useful for homeowners and renters as the system can be taken to a new home.

Smart Security

The most award-winning wireless security system in Europe Intrusion Alarm of the Year Fire and Security Risks Protection Best innovative product.