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Security services

Alarm systems connected automatically to police stations

Anti-Intrusion Alarms

They are the most effective way to dissuade a criminal from breaking in, while also notifying the police and ourselves of the fact that a security situation is taking place in our home, business, or company.
For this reason, we feature the most reliable and innovative alarm systems on the market, with alarm transmission technology using 1, 2, 3 and up to 4 communication channels, making our systems perfect for those who really want to protect themselves and have a pressing reason to protect their business.

Fire protection systems for companies and individuals

See your company or business in real time from any mobile device, tablet or PC. At Tucsegur, we offer the most advanced systems available on the market for capturing, recording and transmitting images using internet technology.

In recent years, closed circuit television has become an important protection against petty theft, robbery, acts of vandalism, intrusions and even personal protection.
We have all seen how, in a large number of cases, security cameras have helped to both identify criminal cases and aid investigators in bringing perpetrators to justice.

For these reasons, closed circuit television is one of the best weapons against criminals and, at Tucsegur, we bring you the most advanced image capturing systems on the market, both in conventional analogue video, as well as in HD cameras, motorised cameras, anti-vandalism cameras, hidden cameras, and many more options.

Fire protection systems for companies and individuals

Fire extinguishers, fire detection alarms and extinguishing systems.
At Tucsegur, we boast expert personnel in all types of fire detection and extinguishing systems, including detection alarms, sale and maintenance of fire extinguishers, hose installations, automatic sprinklers and dry risers.
At Tucsegur, as a company approved by the Junta de Andalucía (Government of Andalusia) registered with REIA number 23018873, we issue mandatory certificates for our own and external equipment and facilities (after a thorough compliance review), both for fire extinguishing and detection.

Grade III alarms

Alarms for jewellery shops, petrol stations and other facilities that are required to legally comply with higher security measures
If you’re a business owner and need more advanced systems than a traditional alarm, get in touch now
Tucsegur offers a range of solutions for clients with more complex needs, including jewellery shops, gold-purchasing businesses, lottery facilities, service stations and military arsenal facilities. We certify equipment for these types of businesses, taking into account specific compliance specifications and quality.

Video alarms and recording

Tucsegur offers you the most complete video surveillance system to meet your company’s needs. Keep tabs on your business, 24/7.
Thermographic cameras to take body temperature
The installation of a CCTV and alarm system form the perfect package that provides a range of security features:
● Video verification by the receiving centre of a real intrusion.
● Verification by the client themselves
● Mobile app that notifies the client in the event of an intrusion by showing a video of the event itself.

Personnel attendance control and clocking in/out

Manage the clocking in/out of employees with the most cutting-edge technology.
These systems offer entrance, exit and breaks control for company personnel through the use of a fingerprint reader, access cards, retina reader or facial reader. All of this is managed by the software itself.
The fingerprint reader systems mean it is impossible to evade the system and make the system easier to manage.
Monitor all attendance at your company with the most advanced technology.

Video analysis

Facial recognition cameras are designed to detect human faces in an accurate way, making them perfect for settings including public security case investigations, station/airport control system, residential access management, merchandising businesses and identity checking for those sitting examinations.

Thermographic cameras to take body temperature

We offer new thermographic cameras to measure body temperature. These cameras are
capable of analy s ing body temperature, meaning it detect s cases of fever instantly. These
cameras have been widely installed in high traffic businesses.

Video intercom systems

At Tucsegur we offer the installation of video door entry systems with the possibility of total management from our mobile phone, tablet or PC.
Remote door openings, remote communication, call log and recording.


We sell and fit a huge range of signs.
Photoluminescent glow in the dark signs, displays, regulatory signs, road signs, evacuation signs, emergency signs and dangerous goods signs.

Para ello contamos con los sitemas de alarma más fiables e innovadores del mercado, con una tecnología de transmisión de alarmas por 1, 2, 3 y hasta 4 vías de comunicación haciendo nuestros sistemas el método que utilizan los que verdaderamente quieren protegerse y realmente tienen algo que proteger.

We help you configure your Ajax Alarm

Ajax was created with practicality in mind. Installation requires a smartphone, basic DIY tools, and can be done quickly. This makes the system useful for homeowners and renters as the system can be taken to a new home.